Does size matter? Of course!

Function & Size

Function is the biggest factor when you’re considering the dimensions of different throw blankets. Ask yourself:

How am I going to use it? Where am I going to put it? And, what am I going to put it on?

In a more casual family room or entertainment room, you might want a larger blanket to cuddle under. In a more styled or formal room, the throw is for the occasional chill, not a full-blown cozy up.

When Big Blankets Are Best

If the throw blanket is for a couch, lean towards a bigger rather than smaller throw. You want a complement to the couch & to the decor, so the blanket needs to have some presence. It can’t be so small that it is sinking into the cracks or disappearing under a pillow.

When Smaller Blankets Are Ideal

If the throw is primarily for a pop of color or texture — more for the style than functional need — smaller may do the trick, or even be preferable. Small throws work well for an armchair, or folded over a couch arm or on a bench; they don’t impose over the size of the furniture (creating an imbalance).

Small is also perfect if the pattern, color, or presence is very bold or wild! In this case, a little dose to the eye can be better than visual overload. But, this can also be accomplished with larger throws, in the way that you fold them.


How many is too many? That depends entirely on how you display/store them, how you use them, and how chilly you are in your house!

The “Rule of Three”

This design principle offers a great start. There is something eye-catching about this asymmetrical number; it is visually more interesting than symmetry or matching items. If you’re focused on one area, try styling:

  • 2 pillows & 1 blanket
  • 3 pillows & 2 blankets
  • 2 layered blankets & 1 pillow

What if I looooove blankets?

If you have LOTS of blankets, here are a few ideas for managing them in an aesthetic way:

  • Use a basket to hold them; it acts like another piece of furniture, but is also functional — it’s not just a basket for the sake of styling.
  • Similarly, a ladder against a wall is another way to display blankets and incorporate another piece into your space. Like a basket, this functions as a piece of furniture, but even more like a piece of art. If you have some blankets that are particularly beautiful & display-worthy, this is a perfect option.
  • Incorporate a pile of similar weight throws into your decor. There is something very appealing about a stack of folded blankets!

    There are many principles in design that will be true regardless of where in your house you are focusing! But, there are some location-specific considerations, too:


    Why would I want a throw blanket in a bedroom?

    Like in most interior styling choices, a throw blanket offers a way to bring color, texture, and interest into the look of the room. It is a way to add visual interest to your bedscape or sitting chair; something to draw the eye and make a big impact at a low cost relative to furniture, paint, and bedding choices.

    How would I style a throw blanket in my bedroom?

    If you do not have an endboard on your bed, a well-placed blanket on the end of your bed will add a nice, rounded-out look. There is something luxurious about an additional layer of textiles on the bed — like a hotel look in your own home.

    Lay a throw across the corner of your bed in a diagonal, for an eye-catching, asymmetrical look. Or, if you do have an endboard, you can drape the blanket over the endboard, or lay it parallel to the end for a tidy look. If your style is more contemporary, with squared, clean lines, a neatly folded blanket, parallel or perpendicular to other elements is best.

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