Famous Footwear Review

Famous Footwear Review operates a chain of retail stores in the United States that specializes in branded footwear and offers them for discounts from the suggested retail price. As of 2010, the company operated over 1,125 stores nationwide. Its retail store locations are in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C. Read on to learn about the company, its employees, and its revenue. Here are some facts about Famous Footwear:

Famous Footwear Review
Famous Footwear Review
Famous Footwear Review
Famous Footwear Review

Review of Famous Footwear

This Famous Footwear review is based on consumer ratings, price competitiveness, and the breadth of features offered. To help you decide whether Famous Footwear is worth the money you spend, we’ve listed the top six features, 65 customer reviews, and a comparison of Famous Footwear and leading competitors. Here, we’ll compare Famous Footwear to top-tier competitors Nike, Forever 21, and ASOS. We also compared Famous Footwear to the top 50 brands in similar categories.

As a company with over 130 years of history, Famous Footwear has a strong business reputation and passion for fitting its customers. The company’s mission is to inspire people to feel good in their own skin. According to Zippia, employees rated the company’s culture, executive ratings, and pace of work as B, in the bottom 10% of similar-sized companies. You can learn more about working at Famous Footwear by checking out their reviews.

Employee data Famous Footwear Review

The employees at Famous Footwear are generally dissatisfied with the company’s overall compensation, which includes pay, stock, and benefits. However, the employees are generally happy with their work environment, and the majority grade their co-workers as A or B-. Meetings at Famous Footwear are generally effective, and employees look forward to meeting their co-workers. The pace of work is also fast, with 82% of employees working eight or fewer hours a day.

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While the employees at Famous Footwear are generally not happy with the work environment, they are happier than their counterparts in their competitors. This is despite the fact that the company ranks higher in overall culture than its competitors in various categories, including gender and diversity. In addition, Famous Footwear’s management is also very responsive to employee feedback. This demonstrates that the company values and rewards its employees. But, the company’s low performance in these categories may be a factor.

Locations in the United States

By 1974, the chain had grown to 15 storefronts, with a goal of integrating its storefronts under the famous footwear banner. Moldenhauer, who had founded the company in 1964, sold 90% of the chain to a group of investors, including longtime employees Dave Orfan and Brian Cook. They assumed the roles of President and Executive Vice President, respectively, and the company’s headquarters shifted from Milwaukee to Boston.

Famous Footwear stores are located throughout the United States. Their store locator tool features a map showing each location’s location, contact information, and hours of operation. The directory also includes reviews and ratings from actual customers. It’s easy to find your nearest Famous Footwear store by using this convenient tool. Alternatively, you can also view the list of Famous Footwear locations in the United States by visiting the company’s official website.


Famous Footwear has seen its sales jump by over twenty percent in the last two years and increased its guidance for the full year. The brand has also experienced strong back-to-school sales, which helped increase its quarterly sales. Gross margins improved from 45.6 percent a year ago to 47.6 percent, which was higher than the consensus estimate of $753.5 million. In addition, Famous Footwear’s inventory decreased by 24 percent from two years ago.

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While the company’s revenue was down last year, its profit margin was up nearly seven percentage points. In fiscal 2021, Famous Footwear’s revenue grew by over seven percent in both its Brand Portfolio and Famous Footwear segments. Its direct-to-consumer sales made up 75 percent of its net sales. The company paid down debt by $51 million in the fourth quarter and is increasing its cash position by more than half.

Strategic partners

With an impressive 20-year track record of customer loyalty, Famous Footwear wanted to leverage its digital capabilities to attract more omnichannel customers and grow its business. As a result, the company decided to partner with The Richards Group, one of the largest independent brand-building shops in the country. Here are four strategies that the company is implementing to grow its customer base and increase profits. A. Invest in new technology and design. B. Identify strategic partners.

Strategic partners are other commercial enterprises that have complementary products and services. Famous Footwear has several brand partners, including London Rebel, Spoiled, Shucare, Adidas, Billabong, and more. The strategic partners help the company’s business model succeed by collaborating with the company to deliver high-quality footwear products and services to its customers. Some of the key resources of the company include its inventory, product portfolio, supply chain infrastructure, and personnel.

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