How to Find a WSS Near Me

wss near me

There are several ways to find a WSS near me. You can sort them by state, phone number, gps coordinates, or customer rating. You can also find a location by looking at a map or looking up customer reviews. Alternatively, you can call up the location directly and find out what kind of service they offer. Having a list of the services that WSS offers and their reviews can help you decide if it’s right for you.


If you are looking for a university near me, consider a postgraduate degree from Winston-Salem State University. A postgraduate degree can open many doors for career advancement. Obtaining one of WSSU’s degrees can improve your job prospects and salary negotiations. The university is ranked #1 among HBCUs for social mobility. Interested in learning more? Read on to discover what you can expect from a postgraduate program at WSSU.

Studying at a historically Black university, WSSU is affordable and can help you pay for college. Nearly ninety percent of students receive some form of financial aid to help them pay for their education. Students in the College of Arts, Science, Business, and Education enjoy a collaborative learning community and committed faculty. WSSU students are also likely to work with professional organizations and receive internships, which can help their resumes and employment opportunities.

Biology majors at WSSU will gain a firm foundation in the life sciences. They can choose from two concentrations, general biology or pre-health professional. A strong understanding of biology will equip students with the skills they need to conduct research and participate in professional organizations. WSSU students may also consider a minor in biology if they are interested in another field, such as education or the sciences. Aside from biology, students may want to explore a minor in pre-health or women’s studies, but the school’s department of biology is the most renowned in the state.

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Interested in becoming a social worker? Winston-Salem State University near me offers an excellent program in social work. Students will be able to work with a faculty member on directed research projects and in teaching labs. They will have the opportunity to teach lower-level courses. This experience can provide valuable practice in public speaking and scientific presentations. And because the school is located close to a city, the faculty of the department is particularly knowledgeable and committed to student-centered learning. They can also help you find employment in the field after graduation.

WSSU is a wss near me

For those interested in pursuing a career in politics, Winston-Salem State University offers a major in political science. Students who major in political science will be prepared for law school, graduate school, or a career change. Coursework includes international affairs, social justice, and research methods. Students can also participate in internships and study abroad opportunities. In addition, WSSU offers a distinguished honors curriculum for political science majors.

As an institution of higher learning, WSSU fosters analytical problem-solving skills and creative thinking, while preparing students to become thought leaders. This historically Black university, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is committed to social growth and the development of leaders who advocate for social justice. It offers a wide range of degrees and programs in health sciences, as well as opportunities to study abroad or take a hybrid online or hybrid learning approach.

WSSU students gain access to many resources for career exploration and job placement. Students can complete internships and co-ops, which enable them to learn from actual work situations and explore different career possibilities. WSSU students can also utilize federal funding for the Hire-a-Ram Student Employment Program. The University has many resources to support students as they pursue a career in science, technology, or education.

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WSSU students can find the summer course schedule by checking Banner RAMS Online. Summer course schedules are normally established before Early Registration begins. WSSU reserves the right to change the course offerings at any time. Some summer courses are cancelled due to low enrollment. The WSSU website will list any cancelled courses before the beginning of classes. There is a WSSU near me. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your education today!

WSSU’s biology majors build a strong foundation in the life sciences. Students choose a concentration in pre-health or general biology, and gain a wide variety of laboratory and research skills. In addition, students who want to pursue a career in biology can join the Biomedical Research Center, which conducts research on diseases and conditions affecting minority groups. Other WSSU student organizations include Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) and Women in Science Program.