Unboxing video and user guide for Quman LED red light therapy bulb kit

Hi guys, Ivan from Shenzhen Quman Technology Co.,ltd again.
Today, i am going to introduce our red light therapy bulb kit to you. The whole bulb kit was packed in a carton box. Let’s open the carton box and we can see the bulb now.
The bulb has 12 pcs LEDs, in which 6 pcs was red light LED chips, the other 6 pcs was near infrared LED chips. The bulb was produced at E27 or other base your want, and there was a protective case for the E27 base, so that the bulb can be more durable with time goes by. There is also a protective goggles for protecting user’s eyes and better enjoying red light therapy.
There is an on off switch in the power cord which connect the LED light bulb and the mounting base, plug into the electricity socket, and press the button to turn on the LED light therapy bulb.You can treat any part of body with this therapy bulb
Your skin, joint, muscle and so on.
We can also fix the bulb kit with the mounting clip to the desk or bed edges in the office, bedroom etc; make it suitable for usage at any indoor areas. User can also adjust the treating angle freely !
If you have any interests or any other customized requirements, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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