Unboxing video and user guide for Quman LED red light therapy torch

Hi guys, i am Ivan from Shenzhen Quman Technology Co.,ltd .

Today, i am so pleased to introduce our red light therapy torch to you. It is really hot on Amazon, Ebay and other online stores.

The whole red light therapy was packed in a luxury zipper bag, which was very convenient for storage and take it with you anywhere.

When we open the bag, we can see there is a battery charger, which was supposed to charge for the given battery.

The red light therapy torch was equipped with 2pcs 18650 lithium ion battery, while only 1 pieces lithium ion battery need for running the red light therapy torch.

In the bag, there is also a pair of protective glasses for better protect user while enjoy the red light therapy torch, and this stylish glass can also be used as sunglasses.

Of course, there is a brief user manual for better understanding of this product, although i think it is so easy to use.

Well, the therapy torch body was packed in a cotton foam bag for better protect the torch surface. The Design was so simple, one end with the LED lighting fixture, one end with the on off button and in the middle, it is the space for the battery.

First, let’s picked one pieces of 18650 lithium ion battery from the given battery case. Then, loosen the torch body, and then load the 18650 lithium ion battery into the torch body, remember to make sure the negative “-” pole at the bottom.

Then, press the button on the torch bottom to turn on the red light therapy torch, then you can treat any part of your body with this therapy torch, your skin, joint, muscle and so on. Press the button again to turn off the torch.

Thanks for your attention, if you have interests in our red light therapy torch, please contact [email protected] .

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