What to Expect After Your Lasik Procedure

After your lasik surgery is complete, you may not feel much at first. Your eyes may feel dry and itchy. In the immediate days and weeks after your procedure, you might have some blurry vision or even severe visual disturbances known as haloes or glare sensitivity. These side effects will subside in a few days.

What to Expect After Your Lasik Procedure is Completed

Your post-operative care will likely end with at least a day in the hospital. From your first day home, you’ll need to keep your eyes dry and clean. You should avoid contact sports, hazardous occupations, and jobs that involve heavy lifting or scrubbing as these activities can cause your eyes to tear and make your vision blurry again. You should also avoid reading in dim lighting. When reading, keep your vision clear of objects that appear blurry. By adhering to these simple guidelines, you’ll prevent your eyes from drying out again. If your vision becomes blurry or you notice any other new signs of the condition, you should contact your doctor immediately.

Dry Eye and Itchy Eyes

After lasik, nearly all patients experience dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome happens when the cornea of the eye is damaged, resulting in reduced amounts of moisture in the eyes. When the cornea is no longer protected by the aqueous (wet) layer, it can get injured by bacteria and infection, which causes the eyes to burn and itch. The symptoms of dry eye vary between individuals, but they often include blurry vision, a burning sensation, and sensitivity to light. These symptoms can make it difficult to do your daily activities and sleep. Luckily, the condition can be treated with artificial tears and other medications.

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Blurry Vision

At times after lasik, your vision may be blurry for a few days. Your eyes may be sensitive to light, making it even harder to read or do your computer work. After a few days, your eyes should return to normal. If your vision remains blurry for longer than a few weeks, you should contact your doctor. This could be an early sign of another condition that causes vision loss. Your doctor may recommend some tests to determine the cause of the blurriness and possibly correct it.

Side effects of Lasik

Like any operation, Lasik surgery comes with potential side effects. Some of these side effects will go away after your lasik procedure. Others will linger.

– Dry eyes. Dry eyes are common after lasik. They result from damage to the cornea. Dry eyes can cause blurry vision, sensitivity to light, and a burning sensation while you’re trying to blink.

– Haloes and glare sensitivity. After lasik, many patients report glare sensitivity and halo vision, which are signs of a deeper problem with your eyes’ vision.

– Photophobia. This is a fear of bright light and is often the result of an overly aggressive lasik treatment. If you experience photophobia, you should try not to look directly into bright lights. If you’re in a dark room, your eyes should be covered by a blanket or blindfold. Photophobia may subside on its own or your doctor may prescribe anti-anxiety medications.

Final words: Should you get a Lasik procedure?

At the end of the day, it’s important to consider all of your options before making a decision about your future vision. If you decide to get a Lasik procedure, consider the potential side effects, and adjust your schedule to accommodate for any recovery time. After your lasik procedure is complete, it’s important to follow your doctor’s guidelines for your post-op care. If your eyes become dry, try to keep them well-hydrated. If your eyes become irritated or infected, treat it as soon as possible, and contact your doctor. It’s important to remember that your recovery time from lasik will vary from person to person. Even if you feel ready for your lasik procedure, don’t be tempted to rush the recovery times. Instead, give your eyes time to heal. This will make your procedure more successful, resulting in better vision.

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